Welcome to the great betting site Novibet! Here, bettors will have a great time and enjoy the huge opportunities the bookmaker provides them. On that gambling site, you have many different ways to get big payouts and make your day much better than it was. It can please any gambler and give an unforgettable experience and impressive results. It offers many different sports to bet on, competitive odds, and many sporting events. Moreover, it also offers its customers high chances of winning, which is great news for all bettors! You cannot only have fun but also get a large amount of money. That makes the betting site one of the best in the gambling market because everyone here can become a winner.

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Novibet is a bookmaker that has extensive experience in gambling. It appeared on the market in 2010 and quickly gained the attention of gamblers. It is actively developing, and every day it only gets better. The bookmaker keeps up with trends and often provides its customers with new opportunities. It is attentive to its players' desires, allowing it to add to the site what they want. Thanks to the increased attention to the players' desires, Novibet has an excellent reputation. A high rating and the number of positive reviews about it are growing every day. That betting site is one of the best options for gamblers. It can also please you with such benefits as:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile friendly website
  • No withdrawal limits

If you want to make sure that the bookmaker is of high quality personally, you can become its official player at any time. That will allow you to explore all the available offers and opportunities the betting site provides its customers. You will not regret your choice, as it is a real gambling paradise for all who want to bet on sports!

Novibet Registration

If you want to register on the Novibet website, you have made the right choice! You can register and create a new account in just a minute, as it is not a complicated process. It also does not take much time, as the bookmaker tries to save time for its customers that they can spend on bets. It perfectly understands that no bettor wants to spend too much time on preparatory processes. They want to start having fun and start winning! For that reason, the bookmaker provides a simplified registration process that will allow you to create an account almost instantly. It does not ask for much information, which is great for busy players who do not have much time for lengthy registration processes. All the data requested by the site is necessary to identify the user and allow their account to function properly.


To start the registration process, the user must click the Register button. The bookmaker has placed it in the top right corner of their website and highlighted it in red so you can quickly spot it. Registration on that site has three stages so that you do not get confused and can quickly enter all the necessary data. The site will ask you for information such as:

  • Login
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address of residence
  • Postal code
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • First name
  • Last name

You also need to come up with a strong password and remember it. After you have entered all the necessary personal details, you can complete the registration and log into your account. Now you can access the abundance of gambling opportunities you can only find on that site.

Novibet exists within the law and adheres to all necessary rules. For that reason, underage users cannot create accounts and place bets on its website. That will violate the law, which can lead to certain consequences. If the user is still under the age of majority and has created an account on that gambling site, then the bookmaker has every right to block it. That is a necessary precaution that allows you to protect the site and minor users from unknowing violations of the law. If you are still under the legal age, we advise you to leave the site and return here later. Adult bettors will not encounter any obstacles or difficulties during or after registration. They will be able to enjoy bets as much as they want safely.

Login to Novibet

After creating an account on that gambling site, you can return there anytime and continue having fun! Authorization here is very simple and clear, so you will not have any difficulties in the process. The bookmaker provides a classic authorization process that will be familiar and understandable for any user. Accordingly, re-entering your account and continuing to place bets will take you up to a few seconds. Novibet asks for the minimum amount of information to save you time.

Log in

You must click the Login button to log in to that betting site, which the site has located to the left of the registration button. After that, you will see an authorization window in which you must enter your username and password. That is all users need to get back to the game! Now you can enjoy gambling again with that bookmaker.

You also should not worry if you suddenly forget your password, as that will not be a problem. All players of that gambling site can at any time reset their password or come up with a new and more secure one. To do this, you need to click on the Forgot Password button, which you can find at the bottom of the authorization window. The betting site will ask you to enter your username and email to verify that you are that account's owner. After you confirm that, the site will send you everything you need so that you can recover your password and regain control of your account. Password recovery does not take much time, so you can still start playing quickly.

Novibet Full Version

That bookmaker boasts an excellent full version of the site, where it is easy to find what you need. It is very easy to use and allows players quick access to everything they need to win. You can easily find the sports you like and the events you want to bet on. That saves you time and allows you to get the desired result quickly. If you want to visit the full version of the Novibet website, then you need to use your desktop computer or laptop. These are the only devices with which you can access the full version.

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That betting site has an excellent design that will appeal to every player! It is simple but, at the same time, unique and interesting. It uses interesting design solutions to make it comfortable for players to visit the site and pleasant to be on it. It also uses excellent color combinations, like white, black, and azure colors, that will not distract the bettor from the game. Moreover, not only will it not distract you from your bets, but it will also increase your concentration level! That will let you choose the right betting strategy with a higher probability and get big payouts as a result. Thus, the bookmaker tries in every possible way to increase the probability of winning for its players so that they can win more often.

The full version of the betting site also has an excellent interface, which makes it very easy to find the information you need. Thus, you will find all the information for a successful bet in just a second! Players will be able to navigate very easily because the site is not hard to understand on an intuitive level. For you to have a clearer view of the bookmaker site, we will provide you with a detailed scheme of it:

  • At the top of the site, you will find sections of the site such as Sports, In-Play Casino, and more;
  • On the right side of the site, the bookmaker has placed the most popular games that are popular with its customers;
  • On the left side of the site, bettors can see all the sports that are available for betting on that site;
  • In the middle of the site of the betting site, players can get acquainted with top bets as well as events on which they can make a live bet;
  • You can find detailed information about the bookmaker at the very bottom of the site.

Thanks to such a convenient interface, your betting process will be as comfortable and successful as possible!

Novibet Mobile Version

Each bookmaker must provide its players with an alternative in the form of a mobile version. Not every bettor has the opportunity to be near their computer constantly. Some players prefer to bet using only their mobile devices. The mobile version greatly expands the possibilities of gamblers and allows them to access the betting site around the clock. It can also expand the bookmaker's clientele and increase its rating.

Novibet has an amazing mobile version that you will enjoy! Thanks to the mobile version, you can visit that betting site anywhere and anytime! You can choose a convenient time and place bets whenever you want. Even if you visit the site for only a few minutes, that will be enough for you to place a winning bet and receive payments! It has an excellent adaptation to small vertical screens, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game process fully. Thus, no matter what model of smartphone you use, it will work perfectly. All you need to visit the mobile version of the site is to use your mobile web browser. Finding that bookmaker is not at all difficult because you need to enter its name in the search engine.

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That mobile version has excellent optimization, so the site will work smoothly and without errors. You will not see any lags or slowdowns here, allowing you to place bets comfortably and enjoy satisfying results. Another important advantage of the mobile version of Novibet is that the mobile version does not have any restrictions for players. You can bet, use bonuses, play games, deposit and withdraw funds, and more. That greatly expands your options and gives you a great gambling experience. If you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet for betting, then that mobile version is just what you need!

Novibet App

If you are uncomfortable using your mobile Internet browser for betting, you can always use the special Novibet application. It is of excellent quality and will be able to increase your level of comfort. It is also a great option for gamblers who like to bet on the go or are often away from home. Thanks to that application, you can access the site with just one click and start betting instantly!

The mobile application is very convenient and has excellent optimization and adaptation to the screens of mobile devices. It is similar to the full site version, so you do not have to get used to it for a long time. You can quickly navigate and find all the information in the application. The only obvious difference is that the mobile application of that bookmaker is more compact than the full version. That is necessary for you to be comfortable using your smartphone.


If you want to download that application, you do not have to look for it for a long time. It is available for Android and IOS mobile devices. If you own an Android smartphone, you must visit Google Play and enter the bookmaker's name there. Owners of smartphones on the IOS platform need to visit the AppStore, and they will find the Novibet app there. Download and installation are instant, so you can use them just a few seconds after clicking the Download button.

Novibet Betting

Here you will find many different sports to bet on. The choice is great; therefore, every bettor can find what interests them. Players can bet here on sports such as:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Baseball
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Golf
  • American football and many other sports

The number of sports, as well as various sporting events, is simply incredible! Thanks to the wide variety, you will always have something to bet on. The most popular sports on the betting site are football, basketball, and volleyball. Therefore, you will find more sporting events for these sports than for any other.

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Novibet also provides its players with the opportunity to bet on eSports. The bookmaker offers you to bet on the most popular eSports that are very popular in the gambling market among players. Gamblers can bet on eSports such as:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: GO

It distinguishes that betting site from the rest because not every bookmaker can provide huge betting opportunities. Thus, it is one of the best as it can please any bettor with any preferences. In addition, the more betting opportunities, the higher your chances of winning!

Live Betting

On the Novibet website, gamblers also have the opportunity to place bets in real-time! That is a unique opportunity for players as they can follow the process and know about every action in the game. That will allow you to choose the right betting strategy and get. It is a great experience for gamblers that greatly expands their opportunities. You can find the most popular for live betting among players in the section with football markets. Novibet has high-quality modern match infographics. The bookmaker thought it out perfectly in terms of design and functionality. In the Live section, you can find a sufficient number of events and a good line of action for many of them. Fans of live betting will be happy with many sports events and betting options available on that gambling site.

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That bookmaker has a very wide wager, and you can bet on any event you choose. All you need is to register on the Novibet website, and all betting functions and opportunities will be available. Players of that bookmaker can bet on totals, odds, exact settlement, individual totals, and other betting markets. Moreover, the gambling site often updates and supplements information about events. You can find out everything you need about the events you plan to bet on. That will make you more likely to win.

Betting Odds

That bookmaker has excellent competitive odds. They are higher than any other bookmakers, making Novibet a great betting option. You will find great odds, from the most popular to second range sports. For equally probable outcomes of popular events in both directions, values are from 1.87 to 1.87. Sometimes odds can exceed 1.9.

The odds on that betting site are also easy to figure out. A bettor of any level will be able to understand their meaning and start winning quickly! Thus, any player can win here, regardless of how big or small their betting experience is.

Novibet Casino

The choice of entertainment casinos here is very wide, and therefore each player will be able to find something that will help them have a great time. The casino section of that betting site is steadily gaining popularity and updates quite often. Gamblers can see many interesting novelties that you can play here, bringing you a big win! The bookmaker offers casino games for every taste and preference, as it boasts an excellent game library. Players of any level can choose a game that suits them according to the rules, design, theme, and difficulty level. If that is your first acquaintance with that kind of entertainment, you can enjoy games with simple rules that will be easy to win. If you are an advanced fan of casino games for whom variety is important, then a huge selection of games can pleasantly surprise you.

Play casino

You will see many table games here, among which you can play roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and much more. Players who like casino games with live games will also find something to entertain themselves with. You can choose the best online games, among which various video poker options exist. If you are a fan of slot machines, then the casino section on that gambling site is what you were looking for! Gamblers can enjoy playing many popular titles with any theme, graphics, and design. Here you will find slots from leading software provider Microgaming. It has an excellent reputation and releases only high-quality games, quickly gaining popularity among players.

If you want to visit the casino section on the Novibet website, you need to click on the Casino at the top. Thus, you will get access to all the site's casino entertainment. It also has sections like Popular and New Slots. The bookmaker has sorted all casino games, making it easier to find what you want. Therefore, if you want to enjoy only new or popular games, you can start playing instantly! The casino section of that bookmaker can entertain casino fans and bettors waiting for the results of their bets.

Novibet Bonuses

That bookmaker offers very lucrative bonus offers. They can help you get extra cash, save money, and increase your chance of winning. That will greatly increase your edge and make your betting experience more interesting. You will forget what a loss is and will be able to receive large payouts regularly! Novibet provides its customers with only the best services and offers and bonuses are no exception.

Get a bonus

One of the most attractive promotions is The Match Ends at 88 Minutes feature. That guarantees the bettor a win if their team leads in the 88th minute. Players can also take advantage of the No-One Loses bonus. It is a good offer for players who aim to get bigger payouts with accumulator bets. And it is a great way to save a losing game! If you have a 5-way accumulator and win the first 4 games, that promotion guarantees you will receive a refund of your original bet. The site also updates bonus offers frequently and provides its customers with better ways to increase their edge. In that way, over time, you will increasingly enjoy your ideal betting results.

Novibet License

Each bookmaker must provide its players with indisputable proof of its reliability and high quality. That is necessary for gamblers to feel comfortable on the betting site and not worry about their safety. It can also raise their trust in the bookmaker and have a great betting experience. The best way for a bookmaker to prove its reliability is to have a license.

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Novibet is always striving to become better for its players and provide them with more and more interesting opportunities. It listens to their opinions and desires to give them what they want. The site also uses innovative technologies to provide its customers with a high level of security. Thanks to such professionalism, that bookmaker has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. If you have chosen that betting site, you can leave all your worries outside of it, as you are completely safe.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Money

That bookmaker supports a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods. They are reliable, and you will find those payment methods you use regularly. For example, you can use such payment methods as:

  • Credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Trustly
  • Citizen
  • Rapid
  • PaySafeCard

Top up the deposit

The maximum win on a single bet is €80,000. The withdrawal time depends on the payment method you have chosen. However, in any case, you will not have to wait long, and you will receive your winnings soon. Thus, you can quickly start reaching new heights of gambling on the website of that bookmaker!

Novibet Clients Reviews

Reading reviews can be a very rewarding activity for bettors. With their help, they can get more useful information, draw conclusions and make the right decision. It can also help you to decide if the betting site you will bet on is right for you. If you want to read reviews about Novibet, you always have such an opportunity! The clients of that gambling site are always ready to share their experiences and impressions with you.

Marcus: 'Novibet is an excellent betting site that offers many different sports. I have been betting on various sports for years, and various choices are important. I found everything I need here, which is why that site is my favorite.'

Ronald: 'Withdrawing funds on that betting site takes very little time. I recently bet on volleyball and won. My winnings came to my bank account on the same day!'

Lucy: 'Novibet has a great casino games section. I bet on table tennis and like to spend time playing good slots. I did not expect that I could find all the best and most popular slots with such high ratings on that site! That is by far the best gambling site I have ever visited!'

David: 'It's not hard to win big on that site! That is what makes it different from other bookmakers. I bet here quite often and almost always win. I recently bet on football and won a very large amount of money! I highly recommend that bookmaker to anyone who loves to win.'

You can also join that bookmaker and enjoy winning bets and other daily gambling entertainment. It will do everything to make you feel comfortable on its website and have a good time. Bet and get big payouts with Novibet!